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Today’s global business landscape has become riddled with competition and dynamically changing consumer and customer behavior trends. Today’s innovative entrepreneur must remain alert with his or her finger on the pulse relative to ever-changing global business conditions and opportunities. The Strategist is about researching and sharing relevant news, insights, and strategies so that our colleagues efficiently can transition from idea to action; bolstering their unique business strategy.

In business, connectivity and meaningful communication is paramount. How you begin your day can make a significant difference as to whether you accomplish much or accomplish little. Every Monday morning from 6:00 to 6:30AM (Pacific), we set our day in motion with the latest business news, consumers trends, and cutting-edge business strategies with international business strategist and marketing consultant, Tony Marino, MBA on The Strategist Radio LIVE.

Let’s visit one-on-one about your strategic business planning process and objectives. The power of innovative growth and evolution is found within the collaboration between two or more entrepreneurial thought and action leaders. I invite you to set a time where we can strategically compare notes in an effort to measurably and productively advance to the next level of business strategy and ultimate success. Let’s team up! Let’s “co-collaborate!”
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